Sucuri is the industry standard in malware detection, alerting, and cleanup for websites.

If your site gets infected with malware, gets blacklisted, or gets nailed with the latest pharmaceutical spam, we’ll alert you, and then clean up the mess! Sucuri currently monitors over 200,000 websites and cleans malware from 300-400 websites daily.

Sucuri also offers other website monitoring services like DNS integrity monitoring to detect unauthorized changes caused by malware, hackers, etc. Sucuri takes snapshots of your web site, DNS records, Whois information, SSL certificates and blacklisting status. If something changes, or is unavailable, they notify you.

The cool thing is, all Sucuri plans include all of these monitoring types, from the server side, or remotely, as well as cleanup for the year. No hidden fees, no page limits.

Sucuri also offers Sucuri SiteCheck, a free remote website malware scanner.